Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sandwich is Made

Let’s Make a Sandwich The time to build has finally come! I made some adjustments to the ski by tweaking the tail rocker profile a little and softening the flex slightly. This ski should be a blast. The final Dimensions are 140-118-130. So the building process finally came. I have seen pictures and videos of how skis are made but to actually help do it and watch in person was awesome. From first appearance, it looks easy, but as you begin to build you realize how delicate a process it really is. Absolutely everything must go together correctly or the ski will not turn out. To help illustrate the process check out these pictures. Step 1. Mill the core profile. It’s amazing how shaving some wood off the core changes the flex of the ski. Step 2. Cut out the bases. We had a base template made so the bases could be cut exactly to fit the mold and match the shape of my ski. I picked a cool Bluehouse Base that said made in the USA. Step 3. Wax the mold. You actually wax the mold before everything goes in it so it comes out smoother. You have to make sure there is no excess wax in the mold or it can ruin the ski. Step 4. Put the base and edges in the mold. Step 5. Epoxy, fiberglass and rubber along the edges. Step 6. Core side walls, tip and tail spacers and more epoxy. Step 7. Place second layer of fiber glass carbon stinger from tip to tail. There is smaller layer fiber glass added for mounting reinforcement and then more epoxy Step 8. Add the top sheet with great graphics. Step 9. Put the top on the mold and put it in the press and bake for 45 min. Step 10. Take out of the mold and let it cool and come back the next day to cut it out. Step 11. Cut access material off of the ski. It no longer will look like a giant rectangle. Step 12. Sand, smooth to take out the rough spots Step 13. Now you router the sidewalls. Step 14. Send to a shop to have the bases structured. Now they are done! I’m just waiting now to mount them up and ski them this weekend. It was great to see it all come together. I can’t wait to ski them and see how they turned out.
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